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Vacature Nederlandse school Portugal Leerkracht onderbouw

Bekijk volledige vacatureVacature Nederlandse school Portugal Leerkracht onderbouw

De Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs Algarve Portugal(NOAP) in Silves, zoekt voor het school
2023-2024 zoeken wij per direct/zsm een leerkracht voor de onderbouw

Algemene informatie

De NOAP is al jaren actief als Nederlandse school in de Algarve.De school verzorgt volledig
dagonderwijs voor Nederlands/ Vlaamse kinderen die wonen of tijdelijk verblijven in de
Algarve. De school is aangesloten bij de NOB. Wij werken met een team van enthousiaste
avontuurlijke leerkrachten, een directeur en een ondersteunend bestuur. De school is
gehuisvest in Silves in een nieuw schoolgebouw met alle moderne voorzieningen.

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Het Portugese onderwijs

A escola portuguesa

In Portugal the school is mandatory from 6 years old until 18 years old.

Level 1
The primary school is 4 years (kids from 6 yo until 9/10 yo) and it has 3 main subjects: matemática (maths), português and Estudo do Meio (something like “the world around you” and it is about science, health, history…). In primary school kids also have sports, english and music lessons.

Level 2
After the primary school, kids go to the “escola básica 2º/3º ciclos”
The years 5 and 6 are considered “second cicle” and here each subject has a different teacher. The subjects are: portuguese, english, science, history and geography of Portugal, sports, arts and maths.

the year 7, 8 and 9 are considered “third cicle” and new subjects are added:
⦁ “History and geography of Portugal” is separared and become 2 different subjects: “history” (no only about Portugal) and “Geography” (also about the world)
⦁ Kids have to choose a new language besides english: spanish or french.
⦁ “Physics and chemistry” is a new subject

Level 3
After this kids go to the “escola secundária” during 3 years and here they have different options. There are no “levels” given to the students, so they all can choose which area they want to learn. Here are the 3 most important courses they can choose:
⦁ “Línguas e Humanidades” – in this area kids have History, Portuguese, English, Geography, Philosophy and other they can choose between “spanish” or “Maths related to social sciences”
⦁ “Ciências” – Here the main subjects are: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Portuguese, English, Philosophy
⦁ “Artes” – Here the main subjects are: Drawing, Maths B, History of Art, Portuguese, descriptive geometry, English
Also, there are some more practical courses like “electricity”, “cooking course”, “educational assistant”… These courses normally are recomended for kids that don’t really have high grades or that don’t like to study that much. Still, any kid is free to choose what he wants.
During these 3 years they will have some exams. These exams are MANDATORY and used to apply to college, later.